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Please, don't ask for ways to download the harpsichord music available here. This website is not intended to download audio files for offline listening. We simply offer (unlimited) online streaming. Please note that this is not a technical limitation: we are not authorized to let users to download the audio files. If you have specific needs on this topic, please contact directly Mr. Fernando De Luca.

Also, please remind that this website is a non-profit project. Thank you!

For specific requests we suggest you to contact directly the authors:

  • Fernando De Luca: "Harpsichord performances" (e-mail)
  • Isabella Chiappara: "Costume e Musica", "Storie di Opere in Musica", "Eventi" (e-mail)
  • Maurizio Frigeni: "CD Reviews" (discussion group)
  • Silvia Valenti: "Mostre ed Esposizioni in Europa e nel Mondo" (e-mail)
  • Mario Valente: "Pietro Metastasio: Poesia e Musica nel XVIII secolo" (e-mail)

For all the other requests please contact the Staff (e-mail)


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